11West is part of WestPhD Inc. aka a sister site.

This division works with digital manipulation of media. We take a photo and preserve it to a life time memory, creating a unique experience for you.

We offer many services:

Composites - are made up using two or more pictures blended and merged together in a creative way. It is a great way to preserve memories.

Photoshop - over 13 years experience in photoshop, we can do post processing, photo retouch, restoration. Turn your memories in to Fine Art for your home and preserve your memories. I am also a Member of NAPP.

Web Design - allow all my knowledge from many avenues to assist in creating your prefect design. Using NLP techniques, color therapy, archetype therapy and design, and so many more energetic techniques to allow your web site to attract harmonious users and hopefully clients to your business. We can cover all aspects of web design, and you can be confident that your ideas, data, and intellectual property discussed will be kept confidential and safe.

Photography - photos using my creative eye, imagination, and my unique perspective. i have now launched a photography site. check it out at westkirkley.com

I provide hair, makeup, setting ideas, wardrobe inspiration, and directions for the photoshoot. Post Processing also available.




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